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“When I was first in contact with positive media marketing I was...
Jonny Leivesley, Marketing Coordinator, Redrow Homes Limited
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You can now ENGAGE AND CONNECT with high-value influencers with ‘BIG eye catching poster sites’ in the best health club in town with EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS so you don’t have any competition…and the incentive of an additional month of advertising FREE OF CHARGE!…

Your Club
>Bannatyne Health Club & Spa Briar Lane, Mansfield NG18 3HS…click here!
>State-of-the-art gym equipment, extensive selection of exercise classes & luxurious swimming pools and spa facilities
> Open 7 days a week/ 364 days a year

>Six Sheet Traditional Poster Sites (Big 6 x 4 foot size)

Poster Location
>Reception…a high traffic area!

>Social Class: ABC1 65% (higher than the national average)
>Average Age/Income: 43 years / £38,000 plus
>Gender: Male 51%, Women 49%. Members visit on average three times per week with an average dwell time of 80 minutes.

Ad Prices
>Surprisingly affordable at just £600 –£300 per poster/per month (1-12 months) plus vat…works out to just £69 a week!*